5 Things a Criminal Defense Attorney Should Not Do

Jerod Gunsberg, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

5 Things a Criminal Defense Attorney Should Not Do

StopIf you’ve landed on this page, you are likely looking to hire a criminal defense attorney (in Los Angeles or anywhere in in California) for yourself or a loved one .  Here are some tips of what you don’t want your criminal defense attorney to do.  Look out for this when interviewing attorneys.

1)     A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY SHOULD NEVER GUARANTEE AN OUTCOME.  There are no guarantees in criminal cases, period.  Being charged with a crime is a terrifying experience.  You, as a client, are scared and vulnerable and want some level of certainty.  If a criminal defense lawyer is trying to get you to sign with him or her and guarantees you an outcome in your case, tell the lawyer you want that guarantee in writing.  Tell the lawyer you want a written promise of a full refund if their “guarantee “ is wrong.  Tell the lawyer that if you end up going to jail, you want the lawyer to go with you.  Watch what happens.  The lawyer will do none of these things.  The guaranteed outcome is a sales pitch. Don’t go for it.

2)     BUT THE LAWYER SHOULDN’T TRY TO NEEDLESSLY SCARE YOU EITHER.  Another way criminal defense lawyers try to get money out of potential client is by scaring them into thinking that something horrible is going to happen without them.  Is the lawyer telling you that you are going to spend six months in county jail on a first time DUI where there was no car accident nor injury?   Are you charged with simple possession of narcotics, you’ve never been arrested before, and your lawyer is telling you could have a felony conviction on your record for the rest of your life?   Do your homework before you talk to a lawyer.

3)     DON’T BE PRESSURED INTO SIGNING UP.  You are hiring a criminal defense attorney, you should not feel any sales pressure.  You shouldn’t feel like someone is trying to “close the deal.”  Any criminal defense attorney knows that potential clients are usually talking to more than one lawyer.  A lawyer should respect that.  There are many excellent attorneys in town; you need the one that is the right fit for you.  Someone you feel comfortable with and that you trust.  You shouldn’t be made to feel like you need to sign with a particular criminal defense attorney on the spot.

4)     BE WARY OF ATTORNEYS WHO BASH OTHER LAWYERS.  Sure, the competition for clients among Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers is intense, but if a lawyer feels like he or she needs to get your business by putting down other lawyers or explaining why they’re better, that should be a red flag.  A real criminal defense lawyer should stand on his or her own experience, reputation, and approach.  A real criminal defense lawyer is respected in the community and by his or her peers.

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