Violent Crimes

Don’t fall through the cracks of a broken system.

California is known for imposing harsh sentences on those convicted of violent crimes. The state’s overpopulated prisons are a reflection of zealous prosecution and sentencing in this area. And yet, these cases are precisely the ones most vulnerable to being mishandled or resulting in an innocent person being convicted. Prosecutors rely on unreliable or poorly managed evidence, including bad eyewitness testimony, false evidence or insufficient care of the crime scene. The system is also slated to disadvantage defendants because of institutional racism, bias and over-scheduled courtroom dockets.

Our clients choose us to represent them because we understand the way the system works and how best to work it in their favor. We are aggressive and relentless in pursuing the best possible outcome to ensure clients are treated fairly and that their rights as defendants are respected. With our team on your side, you can be sure we work tirelessly to defend your case no matter what the details are or how damning the evidence. We have seen all manner of cases, including:

It is all too easy, without a strong legal team, to end up overlooked and treated unfairly when you are accused of a violent crime. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg are not intimidated by the police or prosecutors in these types of the cases, nor are we squeamish with the facts. We are here with one goal in mind: getting you the best possible legal defense available, no matter how serious the charge or how challenging the evidence.

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