Torrance Court

The Torrance Courthouse is located in the Southwest District of the Los Angeles County building, and it’s easy to get lost if you aren’t sure where you’re going, so keep a close eye and allot enough time before your scheduled court appearance to make sure you can find your way there. This courthouse houses the Traffic Trailer and Court Annex Building as well (and the Probation Department is within the Court Annex Building.)

The courthouse’s hours of operation are 8:15 through 4:30 pm, and it is open Monday through Friday. The only exceptions are court holidays, which you can find a comprehensive listing of here. There are also complimentary parking lots for public and juror parking, which are located on Maple Ave, found north of the courthouse itself.

If you are called to Torrance Courthouse as a juror, it is helpful to know that it is on the “One-Trial” jury service term. This means that prospective jurors are placed on call for a five day period and that the juror is required to call in to find out whether he or she must report in for service. The average trial lasts five to seven business days, so don’t worry too much about being stuck on a trial that drags on forever – that is rarely the case.

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