California Drug Crimes

In Los Angeles County and throughout California, people plead guilty to drug crimes without ever talking to a qualified criminal defense attorney. Do not make this mistake. California has some of the strictest and most debilitating drug laws in the country and also some of the highest rates of arrest and incarceration in this area of criminal law. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the system and are charged with any combination of drug-related offenses, chances are, you will not be able to fight for your rights alone and any public defender you might be assigned will be sharing their time and attention with a stack of other cases that look just like yours on paper.

If you or a loved one is under investigation or charged with a drug crime, you need a qualified drug defense lawyer to represent you. Even if you are charged with a felony, you may be eligible for informal drug diversion or a Deferred Entry of Judgment in which your case may be dismissed altogether.

Possession, Trafficking, Paraphernalia

Criminal defense attorney Jerod Gunsberg has extensive experience defending drug cases including:

Why Hire the Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg?

Local expertise./strong> Our experience in the Los Angeles County courts benefits our clients. We know how each and every courthouse and prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles handles drug cases. We provide a practical, tailored approach to our client’s cases that is based on our insider knowledge of the particular courthouse in which the case will be heard.

Thorough review of any police search and seizures of client’s property. Search warrants and warrantless searches of a client’s home, person, or vehicle are common in drug cases and often the incident that leads to or accompanies an arrest. We thoroughly investigate and aggressively challenge police searches and seizures.

Challenging so-called police “expertise” in determining personal use or sales. In “possession for sale” cases, the police routinely claim expertise in differentiating “possession for personal use” versus “possession for sale.” The truth is that the police do not know much at all about what constitutes personal use of any given drug. We know how to systematically and successfully attack and discredit the police’s so-called expertise.

Detailed knowledge of the law. California’s drug laws are complex, detailed, and are subject to a variety of interpretations. We are current in all areas of drug and narcotics law and have in-depth knowledge of how the courts interpret the drug laws.

Alternative sentencing. If a client chooses to not take a case to trial, we are often able to negotiate alternative sentences. Our knowledge of which alternative sentences are available at different Los Angeles County Courthouses can keep our clients out of jail or prison. And, of course, if a client has issues with addiction and is looking to make a fresh start, we can help find the right treatment programs.

Drugs happen. Drug arrests happen. There is certainly a tendency by prosecutors, judges, and juries to see every accused through the same lens and, by force of habit or expedience, assign the same blame with the same consequences. We don’t see our clients that way, and we work hard to make sure the powers that be won’t either. Let us make them see you, not just your case – and secure the most appropriate outcome for your life and your future.

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