Bench and Arrest Warrants

Do not ignore your California bench or arrest warrant.

Worrying about it won’t make it go away. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg can help find a solution for your legal problems.

If you know that a California court issued a bench warrant for you, you need to get it cleared up immediately. Worrying about it won’t make it go away and ignoring it will only make matters worse. Warrants do not just “disappear”, they need to be recalled by a judge. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg can help you take control of the situation and get your bench warrant cleared so you can move on with your life.

If you have a misdemeanor warrant, you might be able to send an attorney to recall the warrant for you. For a felony bench warrant, you must appear in court with your attorney.

Experienced Bench Warrant Attorneys

  1. We know the bench warrant recall policies of each Los Angeles County courthouse. Every courthouse, especially in Los Angeles County, has a different policy about when bench warrant recalls are heard. On misdemeanor warrants, some courthouses allow an attorney to appear without the defendant, others do not allow this. Good attorneys to know the policy of a particular courthouse.
  2. We will review your case history before agreeing to take the case and before you pay any money. Good lawyers will never quote you a fee or agree to take the case until they know what the circumstances of the case are. To do this, they need to review the docket report or court file. If you can’t provide it, the attorney should be able to get it. If they won’t do that for you, then they either don’t know what they’re doing or don’t have time to pay attention to your case.
  3. After reviewing the file, we give you a solid plan as how to get the warrant recalled. Every criminal case needs a plan of action that depends on the facts of the case and the client’s situation, bench warrant recalls are no different. Be wary of an attorney who does not ask specific questions about your background and current situation.
  4. We will give you an honest and credible opinion about whether you will be taken into custody or need to post a bail once you surrender. This is critical. You need to know all the possibilities. If a prosecutor is going to ask for bail or if a judge is going to set bail, your attorney needs to know what information is needed for a no bail OR (“own recognizance”) release. If bail is unavoidable, the attorney needs to know that before going into court and have a trusted bail agent at the courthouse so you can post a bond directly from court.

A Bench and Arrest Warrant Lawyer in Los Angeles

Do not wait any longer. Take back control of your life and get your bench or arrest warrant cleared. To get your warrant recalled, call Los Angeles bench and arrest warrant lawyer Jerod Gunsberg at (323) 633-3423 for a confidential consultation or get in touch via the secure contact form on this page. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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