Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

When being pulled over isn’t a bad dream, we help make it a distant memory.

Whether you are 16 or 60, there are few sounds more intimidating than the sound of police sirens while you are at the wheel of a car. This is no more true than when you have had a few drinks, are unsure of how close you are to the legal California blood alcohol level of .08%, don’t know the impact any other substances have had on your system or are unclear of your rights.

The consequences of driving under the influence – whether the charge is related to alcohol, marijuana or drugs – can vary greatly depending on the number of similar – or even unrelated – prior offenses you have, your immigration status, any professional licenses you might hold, as well as your age and the evidence available against you. Strategically identifying and evaluating these factors and doing whatever possible to mitigate negative outcomes is best left to attorneys who have handled countless cases in this area and are experienced in dealing with the police, probation officers, judges and juries in matters exactly like these.

This is where the Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg can serve as an invaluable ally. Our attorneys have successfully managed DUI cases throughout Southern California for years and are well versed in the types of negotiations and pleadings that give you the best chance of emerging the least scathed. Our practice addresses any number of issues that arise in these types of cases, including:

  • Managing Alcohol-related DUIs
  • Managing Marijuana DUIs
  • Reinstating Driver and/or Professional Licenses after DUI
  • Addressing Imigration and Related Concerns after DUI
  • Hiring and Working With A DUI Attorney

How a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

From the moment we get your call to the moment the entire ordeal is behind you, Jerod Gunsberg and his associates will serve as your legal counselors and advocates, protecting you from the worst case scenario. We consider every factor related to your case – not just the DUI itself but the myriad ways these charges can impact your life and livelihood – and we develop the best course of action to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to turn this nightmare into a memory with limited long-term impact. Let us help you.

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