Federal Drug Crimes

Dire consequences demand serious defense.

The possession, manufacture and sale of controlled substances are all illegal in California and every other state. While most drug arrests are executed by local police, anyone arrested on drug related charges can end up in the federal system because these offenses implicate both state and federal law. Therefore, if you have been arrested for a drug crime, an attorney who is both knowledgeable and comfortable dealing with federal law and the federal court system is invaluable.

The attorneys of The Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg have extensive experience handling all aspects of federal drug crime defense and have represented clients in every aspect of these cases. We regularly meet with clients in federal prison and appear on their behalf in federal courts throughout the country. We have handled drug offenses in almost every category, including:

The federal system is known for rendering severe penalties for drug crimes, governed by mandatory minimum sentences. And once a defendant is incarcerated within the federal prison system, they could be sent to any federal prison in the country with little to no chance of parole. There is no better reason and no more important decision than the attorney you hire to be your advocate. When our clients choose us, they know they will get attorneys who regularly navigate this space and can secure the best possible outcome for your particular circumstances.

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